Frances Marr
'I take inspiration from the sea battered coasts of the UK and Brittany as well as the bleak landscapes of Cumbria, finding fragments that hint at stories lost in the mists of time.'

Flint II
smoke bin

Frances had an art college training in graphic design with an interest in printmaking. On leaving college she worked for several years as a freelance designer on corporate projects and designing books before discovering the lure of clay. After twelve years in France she returned to live in Wiltshire and, as her three children grew up, set up her current studio at the beginning of 2013. This gave her much needed space to continue with new ideas and directions.

Her smoke fired ceramic work has no glaze but takes on markings during the process. Each piece is worked by hand to create the form and the finished surface, which is sometimes burnished with a smooth stone repeatedly as it dries. She fires to a temperature of around 1000ºC and when cool, surrounds the work with sawdust which burns gradually from above, often over several hours. The smoke leaves carbonised atmospheric patterns making each piece unique with its own story to tell.

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Member of the Hampshire and Berkshire Guild of Craftsmen.

Recent exhibitions and events:
2017 Explore Making - with Hampshire & Berkshire Guild of Craftsmen in Stockbridge
2017 Linescapes - with Carolyn Marr RSPB Gallery Geltside Nature Reserve, Cumbria
2017 Ground 4 - Florence Arts Centre, Cumbria
2017 Whitchurch Silk Mill - with Hampshire & Berkshire Guild of Craftsmen
2017 Taking smoke fired ceramics course near Bergerac at The Moulin
2017 Coach House Studio - Open Studio
2016 Romsey Abbey and Rum's Eg - Dissolution & Revolution, Romsey
2016 Studio 53 - North Meets South, Salisbury
2015 Salisbury Art Centre Open Ceramic Exhibition
2015 Salisbury Art Trail - venue 11
2015 Hampshire Open Studios - The Coach House
2015 Brighton Open House - with Sylph Baier
2015 Rum's Eg - Featured 3D Artist, Romsey
2014 Work at Roche Court Educational Trust, New Art Centre
2014 North and South - Open Studio with Carolyn Marr
2014 Studio 53 - Views and Vessels, Salisbury
2013 Salisbury Art Trail

The smoke fired work is unglazed and not suitable for holding water.
Thanks to Joe Howden for B/W photo on home page.